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How to design a website with your dream client in mind

Happy new year, everyone! Anyone else spend the end of the year gearing up for a new year of freelance? I dove back into freelance writing and finally got an official website up for my business! I had an old blog site up before, and Jenn built a portfolio page into it, but it didn’t have a services page or many details. Plus, it had my old blog name, which was super confusing to visitors. I was so ready to properly brand myself as a creative copywriter. Now I’m finally sharing the finished website along with tips for all you… Read More

Prettiest 2019 Wall Calendars

2019 is almost here! Can you believe it? We felt pretty prepared with our 2019 planner roundup, but there’s something about having your plans laid out visually when you’re not at your desk. Thankfully wall calendars have come a long way, and this year they are even prettier than ever! Which of these beautiful designs would you display on your walls? 1. Snow & Graham Ebony Snow Art Calendar 2. Rifle Paper Co. Wildwood 2019 Calendar 3. Rifle Paper Co. 2019 Vertical Appointment Calendar 4. Best Year Ever Wall Calendar 5. 1canoe2 2019 Land & Sky Wall Calendar 6…. Read More

gift guide for the lifestyle blogger via the blog market

Gift guide for the lifestyle blogger

As we mentioned in our last gift guide, we love rounding up thoughtful gift ideas this time of year. This one is all about the lifestyle blogger vibes… Even though most of my friends aren’t actually bloggers, a lot of them love following blog that have that fun, whimsical style. So this gift guide is perfect for them too!   1. The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees 2. Vintage Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by Tech2 3. Rifle Paper Co 2019 Navy Hardcover Agenda 4. bando Paradise Greetings Pencil Set 5. bando Serious Business Woman tee 6. 365 Gradient Calendar from Henry Drago… Read More

Tips for Hiring Creative Help for your Business - The Blog Market

How to hire creative help for your business

Hi friends! Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving. I’m getting back into a few digital media projects, like putting the finishing touches on my copywriting portfolio and we’re also building another website (info soon!) so there’s been a ton of coordinating to do. I’ve played a lot of different roles in digital media in the past, from editor to designer (or rather, DIYer…) and more. This time around it’s a bit different, as I’m excited to be investing in some creative help! There’s nothing like having support when starting a business, but as a creative you might be used… Read More

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