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Our Favorite Fall Blog Post Ideas

15 Fall Blog Post Ideas for the 2018 Season

Usually when you re-launch a website after 4+ months of no content, you’d expect a huge shift in posts. Nope, not us! Just kidding. We have lots up our sleeves, as Jennifer explained. (By the way, did we mention that we both officially call the PNW home now?! Yay!) But it just so happens that some of our favorite forever content, like our blog post ideas list and planner roundups fell right when we were planning to relaunch. So, you can definitely expect fresh topics from us going forward, but we’ll still be posting old favorites. Today we’ve got new… Read More

Best 2018-2019 Planners for Creatives

Best 2018-2019 Planners for Creatives

Hello, hello! We are back!! We really missed you all during our long hiatus and we have so much to share with you starting with our favorite roundup of the year – 2019 planners! I was listening to a podcast recently about how planners have become somewhat of a lost art now that we have smart phones. But I’ve always loved planners because writing things down helps me remember to get them done. Also, if my to-do list is contained in some kind of square on a page, it helps me to not overload my day. Can any of you… Read More

5 Great Posts for Instagram Stories

It seems that whenever there’s a new social media feature to explore, people are either totally on board or strictly against it. I didn’t understand why anyone would use Instagram Stories for the longest time. I saw how it could benefit a small business or blogger, but it really just seemed like another thing I’d need to curate content for (even as something that supposedly gave fans a peek into a user’s “real” life), and I just didn’t have the time. But in the last year I’ve started using it more and more, realizing that it’s so much easier to… Read More

Best Creative Books 2018 - The Blog Market

Best Creative Books for Bloggers in 2018

Hey everyone! Who here has a book list for 2018? We have to admit, we hadn’t really thought about all these books until a whole new year officially began. I know these titles might be seem over the board, but I thought they looked so interesting from the perspective of someone who just loves to be creative, no matter the subject. From DIY projects to home decor, here are all of the best creative books bloggers have to get inspired by in 2018! Enjoy. 1. How to Be a Craftivist by Sarah Corbett 2. Making Winter: A Creative Guide to… Read More

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