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Friday Favorites 01 | Spring Pastels

You know how we’re always talking about the old school blogging days? One day Jenn and I were chatting and really wishing we had a fun weekly roundup, like Friday Favorites. While we really loved our old Weekly Resources series, lately we’re feeling more inspired by visual elements of design and blogging, so we wanted something consistent that still felt… Read More

Top 10 Romantic Script Fonts from Creative Market

Hi, font lovers! Many of you have been asking for more font roundups on TBM so we thought we’d kick off the first collection of the spring season with romantic script fonts from our fave place to find them, Creative Market. As fun as it is to spend the whole evening binge watching Netflix and looking at pages of pretty… Read More

5 Reasons We Still Love Pinterest - The Blog Market

5 Reasons We Still Love Pinterest

Hey friends! If you saw our Instagram Story over the weekend, you know we were working on all things Pinterest. We even recently started a TBM Pinterest. Yay! In the past, we’ve just linked to our personal accounts, but we were feeling inspired by the idea of having a more curated feed just for TBM. Normally I avoid having yet… Read More

4 Career Lessons I Didn't Learn from a Day Job

4 Career Lessons I Didn’t Learn from A Day Job

Despite more people working remotely or as freelancers than ever, it still feels like most career advice out there is geared toward those with fairly traditional day jobs. So much is about office politics, proving yourself to a tough manager, and rising the ranks. I’m sure I would have learned a lot of great skills if I’d had a more… Read More

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