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How to Find Clients in Facebook Groups - The Blog Market

3 reasons to find clients in Facebook groups (and 3 pitfalls to look for)

How many of you freelancers have found clients in Facebook groups? I have to admit that up until this point I pretty much just used Facebook groups as a way to connect with other bloggers and freelancers in a casual way (nothing wrong with that, as you’ll see below!), but I didn’t really think of it in terms of boosting my clientele. I still think the creative connection is my #1 benefit from Facebook groups–if I don’t feel connected to the community you won’t see me sticking around–but this year I started using them a little more strategically. Here’s what… Read More

Design Inspiration from 12 Modern Candle Labels

Anyone else guilty of judging candles by their labels and not necessarily their scent? I have to admit that one of the reasons I love candles as decor is that they come in beautiful jars with the prettiest labels. I hate to say it, but I just can’t have a candle on display in my home if it isn’t my style. Anyway. Luckily, there’s no shortage of modern candle designs floating around the internet these days, and these 12 are just the start. Whether you’re looking for a new candle to add to the collection or just want some packaging… Read More

How to update your resume as a freelancer via The Blog Market

How to Update Your Resume as a Freelancer or Creative Professional

Hi and happy October, friends! Today we’re talking resumes. Updating your resume is one of those things that seems daunting and unnecessarily complicated, yet is really just a matter of focus. Recently, since diving back into freelance, I gave my own resume an overhaul and went through those familiar ups and downs. I hadn’t updated it in a few years, and actually was still using the first design I ever created that wasn’t based off a template (not that it’s too outdated, I just really like it). Even if you’re not actively looking for work, it’s good to give it… Read More

what is micro content and do you still need a blog?

You’ve Got Micro Content—Why Bother with a Blog?

Anyone else had this question lately? I first heard the term “micro content” when I was interviewing for an editorial position at an agency in LA. The VP of the company was explaining that, essentially, while blogs were still there, micro content was all people cared about. Basically, they were interviewing editors for a digital publication, but what they really wanted was someone who could kill it on twitter and Snapchat (and for a brief period, vine, but let’s replace that with Stories). A few days later they invited me back, but I’d already made the decision to try my… Read More

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